EAST FREETOWN, MASSACHUSETTS – Last Sunday, July 23rd, Gregg Seibert of Purple Turtle Productions, Inc. hosted the first annual Row For Life fundraising event on Long Pond to raise funds for local cancer research and support. The mission was personal for Gregg who struggled with a cancer diagnosis back in 2014. He was lucky enough to emerge from surgery with a success story and now he wants to give back to the cancer research community through rowing, an activity he enjoys very much. All proceeds from the event went directly to Cancer Care CABbies in Raynham Center.

For the first event, Gregg was very pleased with the turnout. We are compiling photos from the event for a more complete video montage to share, but here is quick preview:

Many thanks to the local businesses who supported the cause like Divine Consign in Lakeville, MA and Progress Pallet, Inc. in Middleboro. This weekend we will announce the total amount raised in donations.


About CABbies

The Cancer Care CABbies is a small group comprised of dedicated volunteers. They raise funds to offer short-term financial assistance for cancer patients with any type of cancer living in their coverage area that are in active treatment and are experiencing financial hardships due to their cancer diagnosis.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit group, the CABbies are accountable to the IRS and the Attorney General of the state of Massachusetts.