Matt Fischioni graduated from Dean College in spring of 2021 with his degree in Communications. Matt became interested in photography late in high school. Matt applied to Dean College because Dean offers something similar to photography which is video production. Matt took video production classes with Gregg Seibert and he loved it. Matt is really passionate about the film industry, and is currently pursuing job opportunities at video production companies in New York City. 

Once Matt graduated, he wasn’t quite certain where to begin with becoming established in his career. With only classroom experience, Matt approached Gregg Seibert for some advice… he thought reconnecting with Gregg would be an appropriate starting point. 

Gregg suggested to Matt to pick five pizza places that he knows of in New York City and to create promos of these pizza places. Matt completed several promos for pizza places and really enjoyed creating and producing them. Matt’s promos were a different experience than he was use too! He needed to complete them independently, with only minimal suggestions from Gregg, so he felt he had full creative control over the process. Matt had to work on directing, filming, interviewing and editing these promos solo. At first, Matt was not really sure how he would do at interviewing, but as time went on he got more comfortable with the entire process of producing and directing the promos. Matt chose to do promos on these pizza places in New York, because he was very familiar with them. He also thought it would be a value for Purple Turtle Productions, Inc. to post on their website. Matt especially enjoyed trying out different pizza at these places. After all, pizza is Matt’s favorite food. Upon producing and directing independent promos, Matt discovered that he enjoys producing and directing promo projects.

Matthew Fischioni is an independent filmmaker working in New York City and can be contacted at: