Bonnetta Shaw

Bonnetta has been with Purple Turtle Productions, Inc. since 2013, where she has worked with actors, written and re-worked scripts, set up green screen, handled boom mic operations, as well as edited on 3 non-linear platforms: Avid, Final Cut, and Adobe Premiere. As well as having experience with video editing, she has operated many post-production aspects including animations, graphic art, HTML, as well as extensive work on many Creative Cloud programs including Photoshop, Animate, Audition, Illustrator and After Effects.

She has contributed to numerous corporate and documentary productions; her credits include animation for Cool Stuff Dolphins, Bridging Cultures, and Filter Only. She’s also the creator and designer for the website. Bonnetta has also spearheaded, produced, written, and animated the animation series, Adventures of Tilde the Turtle. Bonnetta’s creative experience goes beyond her focus in graphic design and animation, she has done podcasting programs interviewing musical artists, and she is currently developing a promotional series for a local art museum.