Gregg Seibert, founder of Purple Turtle Productions is teaming up with fellow Dean College professor and colleague Professor Rob Lawson. Seibert and Lawson have a mutual and shared interest in boatbuilding and sailing. The colleagues are currently working on a docuseries entitled, “The Boatbuilders,” which presents a unique five-episode documentary series that discovers the history to present-day of the boatbuilding community in the Northeastern United States. 

In the first episode, the documentary presents the interest in design and boatbuilding at the Herreshoff Museum located in Bristol, Rhode Island. The documentary also shares how manufacturing and socio-economic perspective is on full display between the Gilded Age industrial magnates and those who made their dreams come true. The story then travels to IYRS School of Technology and Trades, which shows students learning their craft of wooden boatbuilding.

Episode one concludes with a short point of view of where the following episodes and stories will go in the future by teasing the audience on The Boatbuilders tour of the Northeast.